CraftSanity Magazine Issue 7 PDF Edition

CraftSanity Magazine Issue 7 PDF Edition

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Note: This is the PDF version of the magazine.

This issue is packed with summer craft ideas perfect for backyard fun with the kids and travel crafting, too.

Issue 7 features handmade stories and Q&As with some exceptionally talented artists and crafters who I hope will inspire you to have your own crafty adventure. This issue covers everything from knitting dolls and dahlias to crocheting lavender-filled pendants and making hula hoops. This issue also includes an all ages tutorial for a fast and fun fingerloop braiding technique that will streamline all your friendship bracelet-making for the rest of the summer.

We'll also give you reason to fire up the water canner and get out those canning jars to whip up a batch of salsa or dilly beans. And if you want to make a party out of it, you can try out the fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade recipe, whip up some grilled pizza and cap things off with lavender shortbread cookies or some a sweet and mini chocolate chip cookie pies.

I continue to enjoy the adventure of working with an ever-changing line-up of talented contributors and I'm so grateful for their willingness to be part of this little magazine that I make late and night when most people are sleeping.

Issue 7 contributors include:

Nora Bellows
Andrea Chesman
Marti Deacon
Claire Garland
Rebecca Green
Jeanne Hoin
Jennifer Maynard (aka Lucky Jackson)
Virginia Loukus
Marisa McClellan
Tanya Thomann
Diane Ori
Suzann Thompson
and yours truly (Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood)

Thanks for your interest and support!

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