CraftSanity Potholder Loom
CraftSanity Potholder Loom
CraftSanity Potholder Loom

CraftSanity Potholder Loom

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Weaving on the CraftSanity Potholder Loom will take you back to your childhood.

This loom was made to improve upon the plastic and metal varieties and can be used to weave with loopers, fabric and bulky yarn.

Use this beautiful loom with grooved pegs to make finished pieces measuring 5- to 6-inches square depending on the material used. (For example, stretchy loopers made of jersey fabric will spring back more than cotton fabric strips when removed from the loom and result in slightly smaller squares.)

These woven squares can be used as potholders and stitched together to make bags, rugs, placemats, hot pads, table runners, patchwork bed coverings, stuffed toys and more.

All CraftSanity loom frames are made of solid oak and coated with a hand-rubbed mineral oil finish that showcases the natural beauty of the wood.

These one-of-a-kind wood looms are designed and handmade in West Michigan by Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood in collaboration with a local woodworker with way more tools than Jennifer. He drills out the frames and Jennifer glues in all the pegs and does the finishing work.

These looms are as beautiful as they are functional and a joy to weave on.

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