CraftSanity Magazine Issue 9 PDF Edition

CraftSanity Magazine Issue 9 PDF Edition

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Note: This is the PDF version of the magazine.

Inside Issue 9 you will find an exciting variety of projects sure to inspire a creative summer of activity. Here are the highlights:

This issue contains a collection of stories about printmaking, a Q&A with Grand Rapids printmaker Alynn Guerra and tutorials on carving your own blocks and making your own press. Read the articles then join my print swap! (I’ll be posting more details on that soon!)

* Ingrid Dudek shares the story behind her lovely handknit and felted slippers. (I made the pair above using her pattern and they are my new favorite slippers. They’re felted to fit my feet just right and a delight to slip into on cool mornings.)

* In a rare interview, designer Lynne Barr, shares her story and the Stacked Necklace pattern from her new knitting book, “The Shape of Knitting.” This is a great book for knitters who want to push beyond the basics to see what’s possible and have some great knitting adventures.

* Extreme quilter, Deborah Haltiwanger, tells us how she hand stitched a king-sized quilt out of quarter inch hexagons and then I show you how to make a pendent using 15 tiny hexagons

*Craft Blogger Melissa Haworth shows us how to make a collaborative mystery quilt and invites readers to collaborate with her.

* I keep the random quilting theme going with a tutorial to make a freestyle flower quilt like the one I made for my daughter Amelia.

Read a Q&A with designer Ryan Hollist and then sample his Switchback Scarf pattern excerpted from “Crochet One-Skein Wonders” edited by Judith Durant & Edie Eckman.

Crochet a striped teapot cozy by designer Alessandra Hayden. (These are kind of addictive. I’ve already made two. : )

The fun cover craft story is about sewing monster party favors for guests to adopt and take home from the next kid party you host. This is fun and so much better than buying plastic party favors that end up in the trash.

In this issue we’re featuring a Q&A with Sherri Brooks Vinton, author of “Put ‘em Up! A Preserving Guide & Cookbook” and give you a chance to sample two recipes from the book: apple and pear sauce and another to make potato and cheese pierogi. (You serve the pierogis with the homemade sauce and it tastes awesome.)

I also included three family favorite recipes for chewy chocolate granola bars, holy guacamole and bruschetta. You gotta try these, folks!

This issue includes a story about Laura Zander, co-owner of Jimmy Beans Wool and author of “Knit Red” and “Sew Red” compilation books that include knitting and sewing projects from top designers and great information to raise awareness about heart disease in women and funds for The Heart Truth Campaign. This feature includes a Mini Red Dress knitting pattern designed by Loretta Dachman for “Knit Red.”

Other projects include:

- a fun handwritten font designed by Rebecca Green to embroider

- my tutorial on how to make a portable watercolor paint set

- a story about gardening with cinder blocks

Thank you for your continued support. I wish you all the best handmade summer ever!

***A special thanks to the Fulton Street Artisans Market for sponsoring this issues of the magazine. I really appreciate your support!

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