CraftSanity Magazine Issue 2 PDF Edition

CraftSanity Magazine Issue 2 PDF Edition

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Note: This is the PDF edition of the magazine.

CraftSanity Issue 2 is here! Don’t miss this jam-packed magazine filled with handmade stories, artist Q&A’s and patterns to sew, knit and crochet. This 46-page spring issue also includes hairpin lace, basket weaving and rug hooking tutorials, so get ready for some serious craft action.

Contributors include soft sculpture artist, Abby Glassenberg, knit pattern designer, Susan B. Anderson and crochet designer, Ana Paula Rimoli. This issue also contains exciting work by Sally Charnley, Maria Stout, Lynn DT Hershberger, Beverly Army Williams, Beth Ann Williams, Erin Rensink, Jill Carnell, Sarah Hibner and Juliane Anderson.

Artist Rebecca Green created another lovely paper doll (This one is a knitter! ) and Lauren Chattman treats us to her fabulous pita bread recipe. (The best ever!) We also check in with TV Craft Pioneer, Carol Duvall. So there's something for every crafter in this 8"-square, 46-page issue.

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